Authoritative Consulting on Inflation and Inflation Markets

Enduring Investments has broad and deep expertise in dealing with many challenges and opportunities that arise when dealing with inflation and inflation markets.

Many clients, for a wide range of applications, find it more cost-effective to retain outside subject-matter authorities than to hire employees who have a scarce skill.

Below are some popular aspects of typical consulting engagements for Enduring Investments, but projects can be tailored to address a specific problem in Enduring Investments’ field of expertise.

  • Client-specific inflation exposure analysis
  • Trading or risk management architecture development and training
  • New inflation product design
  • Directed research projects
  • Custom-tailored training courses
  • Bond and structured transaction analysis and valuation
  • Past and current clients include ING Capital Markets, BGC Partners, CLS Investments and C12 Capital Management

Contact us to discuss a consulting arrangement

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